Thursday, 24 December 2015

10 testimonies in 2015 that would inspire you - Sola Mathew

Should I start from the beginning of the Year or from the end of the year?
Sola Mathew, CCN President
I'm sure the testimonies below will bless your life. It has blessed several people I have shared them with. You're not gonna be an exception.

1. On the 23rd January, Christian Charity Network (CCN), the Organization in which God has given me the Grace of being the Visioneer and President had her first Charity Concert with the theme "What is Charity?"

We invited my blind Friend, Timi who through his interview, many got blessed. One thing amazing about this friend of mine is that he can chat with you on Whatsapp despite his blindness.
Another Fighter we invited is our very own member, Sefunmi. She is a Sickle Cell Anemia Victim who is so passionate about others not falling victim of the same and ensuring the chain is broken. She now has a group (Sickle Cell Disease Awareness) where she shares her grieve and enlighten the Society about Sickle Cell Anemia.

Pator Gbenga Afuye also did justice to the theme by the Word of God. It was really a great time with the Lord.

2. My brother, Emmanuel, gave birth to his bouncing baby girl following his last year wedding.

3. On the 18th of August, I was called upon to be the Assistant Drama Coordinator of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, Ekiti State University Campus Chapter. It is a rare privilege serving in this capacity with my Oga, Ogundipe Praise. She is such a wonderful lady. The Lord has used us this year to bless His people through our Ministrations.The drama group of the Fellowship is also known as His Banner Drama Family (HBDF). HBDF! God is Able!!!

On the same note, I was called upon later, as the President of CCN to be the Financial Secretary of WatchTower, the body under University Christian Association, Ado Ekiiti that supervises all Christian groups on Campus such as Music, Drama, Word and Dance groups.

These tasks have not been easy but the Lord that called the Weak is able to make him strong. God is Able.

4. Also, this year, I was promoted from my 300 Level to 400 Level, my final year. I'm currently working on my project. My friends Tomide, Damilare, Tosin, Feranmi, Titilayo et al are also included. Glory to God.

5. On the 25th of August, it was pressed in my heart to write a book titled "I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE". The excerpt of the book has been blessing a lot of people on my facebook wall. The Book is still in view.

6. On that note, on the 10th of September, a man of God that had never met me before read one of my excerpts on facebook and called me not to worry about my school fees and project. It was just like a dream to me like the Bible says "When the captivity of Zion is returned, we were like them that dream”. He then handed over the cheque of the school fees to me via Helping Hands Scholarship Foundation on the 10th of November. Now, I have paid my school fees for my final year. I would have loved to mention his name but he doesn't wanna be known. Thank you sir.

I remember I sent text messages to several people. Some of them didn't talk about it again (I'm not condemning anyway) but God has thought me to trust in Him more through that. I'm sure some of them would have done something if they had the money.

I must also thank other facebook friends and especially Mrs Eniayewu Eunice who sent me a token for my upkeep. We have never met too. God bless you ma.

7. Two of my friends, who were formerly on Second Class Lower in school have now been upgraded by God to Second Class Upper. I pray they pass out above that in Jesus name.

8. My blind friend that I mention earlier graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsuka with a strong 2.1. This is a testimony I would love to share again and again.

9. This same year, on the 20th of December, my cousin, Olufemi Ibitoye that wrote the book "YOUR DOMAIN" which was launched in 2013 launched another Spirit filled book titled "I AM NOT A SINNER". You can see me for a copy of the book. I have read the book and I'm sure, it will bless you too. He can click HERE to read his Blog.

This guy has been a blessing to me himself. He sends me money whenever he has it too.
Moreover, Ogundimu Joseph (AKA Big Joe), my former roommate and friend and brother finished his mandatory youth service in peace this year. He too is a blessing to me.

Tosin Falana is another blessing. She has been there for me even before I gained admission. She is still there for me.

And several others I can’t mention their names.

10. Lastly, I must thank God for His Life that has been deposited in me. I was not worthy but He made me worthy. He brought me from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His marvelous Light. Thank You Jesus.

There are several testimonies I would have shared here but they can't contain this space if I continue. There were challenges on the way but I chose to thank God for all, even the bad things.

I'm sure God still has MORE for you and I, even before the end of this Year. God CAN still work His miracles in your life before this year ends. Just have faith and TRUST Him. You’re the next to share Testimonies.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Powerful May God keep on suprising you with many more testimonies. Merry Christmas too and blessed New year.

  2. How's the charity concert for children? Hope that everything was successful and great! Please continue to organize such charitable events like that. God bless us always!